PTA Code of Ethics

PTA Code of Ethics

King-Murphy Elementary PTA Code of Ethics

The vision of the King-Murphy PTA is to support all students, teachers and staff in reaching their highest potential. 

The mission of the King-Murphy PTA is to engage with members of the King-Murphy community including families, teachers, staff and community members to enhance educational opportunities for all King-Murphy students. 

It is the belief of the King-Murphy PTA that the core ingredients of character should be displayed when interacting with faculty, students and other parents via these core ethical values: confidentiality, trust, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, teamwork, and hard work.

We believe that sincere and good-faith efforts to honor the words and spirit of this Code will improve the quality of our programs and the well-being of the dynamic relationships with our staff and students.

PTA members agree to follow the core ethical values set forth above when engaging in any communication in the wider community related to King-Murphy staff, families and the school.

PTA members agree to address any issues or concerns with the PTA Executive Board in a professional manner, with an expectation to treat others with dignity and respect. As members of the PTA our behavior is reflective on the PTA and our school community.

When confronted with K-M school/student concerns, PTA members will follow the district chain-of-command, whenever possible, in their attempt to solve problems.

PTA members understand that protecting the confidentiality of children and families is critical for healthy community relationships.

PTA members exhibit a friendly and welcoming attitude to all K-M staff and K-M student families. 

PTA volunteers shall not take advantage of their relationship with staff or students for personal gain and they will actively promote the good health and well-being of staff and students.

PTA volunteers are to be fair and will not show preferential treatment in their volunteer roles.

PTA volunteers will be faithful to the educational and character-development goals of the school and assure that these objectives are not compromised by agreeing to live by the King-Murphy
PTA mission statement.

PTA members pledge to encourage all K-M parents and community to follow this code of ethics whether a PTA member or not. 

PTA volunteers shall not in the performance of their duties by words or conduct demonstrate prejudice or bias based on race, sex, religion, age, disability, national origin, or sexual orientation, and will not tolerate members of their committees to do so.

Member meetings: These monthly meetings are held to review and approve minutes, review financials, hear guest speakers, address new and old business, hear committee updates from the various committee chairs, and vote on various motions. During a vote, PTA members presenting at board meetings should be given the opportunity toexpress their points and advocate for their positions. PTA members understand that once a vote is made, the
membership will move forward with the majority vote.

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