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Being an IB Parent

 As parents…
We are Inquirers and allow our children to inquire through being approachable and actively interested in our children’s questions. We model and encourage our children to pose questions and come to conclusions.
We are Knowledgeable through demonstrating curiosity for a broad and balanced range of local and global events. We facilitate depth of knowledge primarily through primary and secondary resources. We model acquisition of knowledge by engaging in our surroundings and experiencing life.
We are Thinkers through encouraging and developing a home environment where the discussion of issues, problems, and everyday matters is encouraged. We demonstrate approaches to resolution and balance arguments to solve problems.
We are Communicators when we listen and observe carefully the thoughts, words, actions, and feelings of our children. We recognize that children and parents have 100 different languages. We express ourselves in a respectful and empathetic manner.
We are Principled when we act with integrity and honesty and with respect for different cultures, values, and beliefs. We model and explain our principles to our children so they develop an understanding and respect for these principles.
We are Open-minded through encouraging and empathizing with others morals, values, and ideas, whilst retaining a sense of our own identity.
We are Caring through demonstrating empathy, compassion, and respect for other peoples’ needs and feelings. Reaching out and being involved in a variety of different community groups and activities.
We are Risk-Takers and encourage our children to become risk-takers through modelling and noting the benefits of risk-taking as parents and encourage our children to do the same, providing an unconditional supportive environment that both models and encourages children to “take a chance.”
We are Balanced when we allow time to bond as a family, to be alone, to pursue our own goals in work, play, and at rest. We need to ensure that there is a time for balance in our own lives and the lives of our children. As parents we need to model and discuss the need for balance with our children.
We are Reflective and encourage our children to be reflective through holding discussions about past situations. We use reflection to build self-esteem, for positive reinforcement, and as a spring-board for further learning. As parents, we reflect on our children’s learning and development and comment in our children’s portfolios.