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Action Cycle
Action Cycle: What is it?
  • The PYP action cycle occurs when meaningful action from students takes place as a result of the learning process.
  • Ideally, this action comes from the students themselves. It can be initiated by a teacher who creates opportunities that lend themselves to student-initiated action.
  • The Exhibition is a prime example of student-initiated action on a large scale.
What does action look like?
  • Action projects are voluntary, student-initiated activities that stem from a genuine concern and a desire to make a positive difference.
  • Action might take the form of sharing new knowledge with others in order to increase others' awareness of important issues, or it may be a project in response to the needs of a particular community-locally or globally.
  • Effective action does not need to be grandiose. It can begin at the most immediate and basic level: with the self; within the family; within the classroom, the hallways, and the playground.
  • Examples:
How do we teach students to take action?
  • By going through the three steps of choosing, acting, and then reflecting back upon the results of their choice, students are able to grow socially and personally, developing skills such as cooperation, problem solving, conflict resolution, and critical thinking.