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Welcome to the King-Murphy LMC
The KM LMC is open on Monday – Friday from 8am-3:45pm. Students may access the library any day from 8-8:25am or 3:30-3:45pm (as long as they don’t need to get on the bus).
During the week, students come to the library for 2 half hour classes. We learn how to use libraries in general, using the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) system. Students also learn how to use the KM library digital catalog to find particular books in our library.We discuss current events, locally and globally, national and local holidays, and other topics of interest. Each month, we review the definition of IB attribute of the month, and relate that attribute to a characters or books in the library.
Here are some amazing events we have each year:
  • The KM LMC runs two Scholastic Book Fairs each year with the help of KM PTA volunteers. The Book Fairs occur each fall and spring during Parent-Teacher conferences.
  • Every January the KM library hosts the school wide Spelling Bee!
  • The KM library has over 13,000 items for the KM community to access.
Library resources:
Need to do some research at home or vacation? Clear Creek schools has provided our students with reliable research tools that can be used from any computer with internet access. Use these website tools:
  • Encyclopedia Britannica online - Online encyclopedias are a great way to start getting basic information!
  • Ebscohost online - Use this database to search for magazine, journal, and newspaper articles
  • Stop by the library to get your pass codes for these great resources today!
(Teachers - You can access the school databases from this webpage.)