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Welcome to King-Murphy Mountain School, where we are thrilled to introduce our new principal, Scott Bain, as a transformative leader who feels right at home in our tight-knit community.

Scott, an Evergreen native, brings a wealth of experience to our school after serving as the principal at the Jefferson County Open School for an impressive 13 years. His roots in innovative education led him to King-Murphy, where our focus on outdoor learning and expeditionary learning align seamlessly with his background. Scott's passion for educational innovation and his vision for creating the best learning experiences for our students make him a perfect fit for our school.

Scott Bain's journey in education has been marked by a commitment to individualized learning opportunities and alternatives to traditional schooling. His experience in leading a school with different learning models will undoubtedly enrich the educational experience at King-Murphy. We believe in the power of innovation and a dedication to what's best for our students, and Scott embodies these values as an educator.

With small class sizes and a roster of exceptional teachers, King-Murphy is a place where students find the nurturing environment they need to thrive. Scott's enthusiasm for our recent building and playground improvements, funded through taxpayer-supported bonds, reflects his commitment to providing students and their families with a sense of pride and belonging. We're excited about the potential for educational magic that Scott brings to our community.

As an Evergreen native with a deep love for outdoor activities, Scott Bain's return to his roots signifies a homecoming, and we are honored to have him lead our school into the future. Join us in welcoming Scott as our new principal, and let's embark on this exciting journey of learning and growth together.

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