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Art, Music, Physical Ed and Spanish


Art: The King-Murphy art room has a strong focus on the process; encouraging students to explore and create based on their own imaginations. We celebrate success just as much as failure, seeing every project as an opportunity to grow. Our students use the feedback process with every project, learning how to give as well as receive suggestions to try and improve their work. We are in transition to a TAB based classroom, giving students skills to focus on their own passions and express their ideas in whatever way best fits their needs. We have a tendency to be messy and loud, but it is the perfect balance of organized, creative chaos!

Music: The music room is where a student will learn the basics of reading and writing music.  Students will also get the experience of rehearsing and putting on a final production.  While studying music the student learns the different instruments and the different styles of music.  Many of the skills learned in the music room transfer into life long skills. 

PE: Physical Education at King Murphy is about variety.  In a time when our youth are pushed to specialize in a single sport, it is increasingly valuable to provide movement experiences that broaden each students’ understanding of what our bodies can do.  From exploring movement patterns to sport related skills, every student participates at their own level in a safe structured physical environment.  King Murphy students grow their passion for physical fitness through lessons designed to meet the needs and interests of each learner.

Spanish: ¡Hola y bienvenidos! - Hello and welcome! King-Murphy students from Kindergarten through 6th grade attend Sra. Patz’s Spanish class. Students learn basic conversational and practical skills including basic greetings, asking what time it is, describing the weather, counting and using currency, identifying feelings, and describing objects by attributes and quantities. Students in the intermediate grades also engage in beginning research practice by studying the cultural, historical, and geographic characteristics of various Spanish-speaking countries. In their studies, students discover similarities and differences between their own cultures and the cultures of others. 

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